Body Fortress whey protein is a supplement that are rich in protein content and low in fats and carbohydrates. Based on the Body Fortress whey protein review, this protein supplement encourages the development and enhances the recovery of the muscles.     

Flavors and Flavor Variations in Recipes

Body Fortress whey protein comes in tasty flavors of chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry. Small modifications in the nutritional contents of this weight loss supplement may be found in between flavors.  

The Body Fortress super advanced whey protein supplements are typically intended as substitutes to meals. They are usually consumed at specified regular periods. Thus, Body Fortress whey protein recipes are prepared with variations to match the different tastes of dieting individuals. If you are to adhere to a similar plan, it is better that you learn about these recipes in lieu of sticking with its original flavors.

A number of whey protein shake recipes make use of the basic flavors and add twists to the taste by either blending more than one flavor. Others love the whey protein powder recipes that involve adding favorite beverages like yogurt, milk, juices or ever flavored water. There are also whey protein smoothie recipes that combine assorted fruits and seeds in a blender until frothy. The preparation of such smooth and frothy protein drinks is also akin to whey protein shake recipes for weight loss. Only the texture and combination of these protein drinks differ. For instance, chocolate whey protein shake recipes are usually blended with thick beverages like yogurt.

Nutrition Facts for the Weight Conscious

Body Fortress whey protein nutrition facts are even more remarkable than the assortment of flavors and recipe options offered. The nutritional value it offers for fats, calories and carbohydrates are far less than the amounts approved daily. Plus, it is loaded with proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for various processes in the body.

Each serving of the Body Fortress whey protein dietary supplement contains 140 calories for each scoop. Compared to the daily recommended 2,000 calories daily consumption, this is hardly significant. So it is just great for individuals trying to lose weight by lessening calorie intake. For individuals who have greater needs for calories, adding another or more servings is recommended if not adding beverages like milk or juice.

With regard to its fat contents, Body Fortress whey protein diet weight loss contains 2 grams of fat for each scoop. This is just 3 percent of the daily suggested intake of fats. For every scoop, it also contains a gram of saturated fats. This is just 5% of the recommend intake of fats daily. Thus, it is noticeable that in Body Fortress whey protein weight loss plans, an individual will only be ingesting a minimum amount of fats in every single meal after an exercise routine.

Another main concern of dieting individuals is the carbohydrate contents of weight loss supplements. It is a great thing that Body Fortress whey protein only contains a minimal amount of 4 grams for every serving, wherein one gram refers to the fiber content and another gram for the sugar constituent. These carbohydrate elements are relatively low when compared to the daily dosage recommended for every individual. Thus, it is considered to be perfect not only as a health supplement but as a substitute for meals.

People say that whey protein is an all-around supplement. It is known to support numerous fitness goals like increasing muscle mass and weight loss. Produced from cow’s milk, whey protein comprises more protein. It has fewer carbohydrates and fats than the other types of milk. Its high protein and low calorie contents aids women with their whey protein weight loss program in losing weight. The elderly are also very likely to use it especially those might have protein deficiency. Much more, it helps fulfill every individual’s calcium needs by promoting the increase in bone mass and density.

Various researches assert that whey protein weight loss diet programs generally enhance the body composition, aid in the preservation of the muscles and lessen the body fats. Thus paired with routine workouts like cardio and weightlifting, such calorie-restricted diets can greatly boost weight loss. Long-term maintenance and regularity of the latter physical activities will keep the weight off; while high-intensity durations of training will promote the increase of lean muscles and the burning of the abdominal fats.

With all these said, it is without a doubt that whey protein diet has lots of more benefits than the other available substitutes in the market. What causes them to be beneficial are the nutritional value and contents they have. Let us just take a closer look at these priceless contents.

High Protein Content

Whey protein is likewise beneficial considering that it is rich in protein content. Every serving of whey protein supplements such as shakes has 24 grams of protein nutrient. Thus, having high protein content greatly improves the rate of fat and weight decrease in both men and women. This fact is backed by the "Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases" in of its publication in October 2009. The said research claims that high-protein food such as the whey protein diet encourages the loss of both weight and fats in the body.

Low Caloric Content

With low caloric content, whey protein increases the results for schemes on weight loss. Every serving of whey protein weight loss products has 120 calories. It is just 6% the daily recommended allowance for calories consumption. Also, weight protein boosts the body’s burning of calories. It is exactly like burning 120 calories by swimming for 14 minutes or doing a low-impact aerobics for 20 minutes. But keeping your eyes on a few whey protein side effects can save you from extra use.

Whey protein diet is known to have better outcomes to women than men. Given that whey protein weight loss diets have more caloric content than those needed by men. For instance, whey protein shakes weight loss diets generally contain 220 calories for every shake and that is higher than the standard caloric requirements of men.

Low in Carbohydrate Content

“Nutrition & Metabolism” journal revealed that women who observe diets with low carbohydrates are inclined to lose more weight. So it is a given fact that the intake of carbohydrates directly impacts the body’s weight and therefore the less the carbohydrate intake is, the more efficient the diet for weight loss.

Whey protein diet satisfies such conditions perfectly. For every single serving of whey protein, it only has 3 grams of carbohydrates. This value is about 10 grams less than the dairy foods in the market.

Low in Fat Contents

Experts recognize that fats can impede the loss of weight specifically if it has higher amount compared to carbohydrates and protein. Whey protein weight loss products have fewer fats compared to the other diet substitutes. It only contains 1 gram of fats in each and every serving.

Rich in Calcium Content

Calcium is vital to both women and the elderly. It encourages the increase of both the density and mass of the bones. Thus, it helps stave off the development of osteoporosis. In June 2011, the “Nutritional Reviews” journal published a research that correlates calcium directly to weight. It claims that this nutritional content in fact aids in weight loss.

With this fact, whey protein weight loss products that are rich in calcium are obviously of great benefit. They contain about 10% of the daily suggested allowance in every single scoop of whey protein. When mixed with an 8 oz skim milk, its calcium contents even increases up to 40 %.

Whey protein is mostly found in cheese, milk, certain dairy products and supplements. It is abundant in protein that encourages muscle gain and other nutritional value that assists in weight loss. Whey protein is also low in calories, fats and carbohydrates that are ideal for people vying for weight loss. However, whey protein can also trigger side effects to individuals using its products like whey protein shakes.

Generally, there are a number of whey protein shakes side effects identified today. These whey protein side effects range between simple loss of appetite to the most problematic issues of diarrhea and nerve damage. This is the reason why it is always most recommended to consult your doctor when using whey protein like the shake forms as a food alternative in your diet. For you will never learn as to what magnitude do these whey protein side effects can adversely influence your body and its functions.

Also, it is best to learn more concerning the whey protein side effects of shakes and related products before trying them. Here is a list of the common side effects that are known in some whey protein product brands.


Certain whey protein products such as whey protein shakes recipes are loaded with amino acids such as phenylalanine. Amino acids are identified to be associated with mood swings or abrupt changes. Indeed, the medical center in the University of Maryland states that amino acids can actually cause anxiety to children.
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Bloating and Gas

Bloating and gas in the stomach may be thought of just simple whey protein complications. However, they are still very inconvenient especially to those who are lactose intolerant.

Since whey protein products particularly the shakes have milk contents, using them as food replacements can cause difficulties to those who have less lactose tolerance. So as an alternative to using whey protein shakes for losing weight or similar products, it is most advised for them to choose other protein alternatives instead like soy, egg or hemp.


Due to the fact some whey protein products consist of high amounts of glutamine precursors that encourage the production of glutamine in the body, diarrhea is likely triggered especially to those that have low lactose tolerance. This diarrhea is probably the most bothersome adverse reactions of whey protein so it is a good idea to consult your doctor before you consume whey protein products.

Suppressed Appetite

Whey protein is normally used in dieting regimen as a supplement for developing muscles. Nevertheless, one of the whey protein side effects negatively influences ones food habit.  Relating to the findings of the “British Journal of Nutrition” in October 2010, whey protein is far more filling than the whole foods like egg, turkey and tuna and causes a suppressed appetite to individuals taking whey protein products. This appetite suppression can impede muscle building and development by discouraging calorie intake. Calorie intake is still essential to the body and without it; the muscle gaining tasks are hindered.


Some individuals actually find the intake of whey protein to cause them nausea. This is likely because of the lecithin ingredients of whey protein products. Lecithin is thought to aid in the remedy for high cholesterol levels and liver problems; but to those who have lactose intolerance, it can cause repeated nausea or even vomiting.


Whey protein shakes for weight loss and other derivative products contain soy lecithin, an ingredient usually used as an emulsifier. This content usually causes adverse reactions to people, particularly to those that are lactose intolerant. Samples of such reactions include the emergence of rashes or hives and also the swelling of the lips, tongue and face.

Nerve Damage

Most whey protein milk and shakes usually contain 90% of the daily allowable intake of vitamin B6 per serving. Thus it follows that multiple servings of whey protein might cause high consumption of the vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is important for the body. It stimulates the metabolism of red blood cells and inhibits the proper performance of the immune system; but according to the National Institutes of health, an excessive intake of vitamin B6 may cause nerve damages to the limbs. Thus, if such detrimental whey protein side effects occur in your dieting, it is a must that you stop taking the supplements to change such effects.



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